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  • " . . . I've been involved in nutrition for over 20 years and I have never read a book anything like this one. It's a MUST READ for anyone interested in how to truly be healthy."
    ( Radio Show Host )

  • ". . . I was worried when I bought the book that it would be too hard to understand. But I was so excited to discover that everything was explained so simply. It was so lively and so interesting. I'm already reading it again and using it on my whole family."
    CM ( housewife )

  • " . . . I am a 34 year old competitive natural bodybuilder who has spent much of my time since the age of 15 reading, learning, and experimenting with the human body through training to achieve optimum health and development. I have read a great many books and articles on every type of diet imaginable. I have personally experimented with just about every ratio combination known and all have had success but to limited degrees. Of course with bodybuilding, the supplement companies push everyone to eat 300-600 grams of protein per day and if you want to get "cut" (very low body fat), you must cut your carbs down or even out (ie. Protein Diet so popular now). These things I have tried several times over. True, I lost body fat BUT I also lost a good deal of muscle in the process. I also could never quite hit that elusive "rock hard" look of ultra lowfat on the body. On the other hand, I've tried low fat-high carb diets that have just left me big but totally devoid of any muscular definition (ie. FAT!!). I came across your book in a store. WOW!!! I read the first 250 pages that afternoon, I was so pumped about what you were talking about!!! I took your simple self-test and discovered that I am a Mixed Type. This information has confirmed many of the things I have experienced over the years and also explains why my current ratios of food (30% protein, 55% carbs, 15% fat) seem to be making me feel very healthy but have also helped me to unprecedented gains in muscle/strength while keeping body fat lower."
    DMacD ( bodybuilder )

  • " . . . I have recently obtained and read your book from cover to cover, non-stop before I could put it down. It hits both spots -- the head and the heart -- with impact. An excellent treatise. How could anyone not be convinced?
    . . . Well done. A seminal book of excellence. Congratulations."
    JL ( administrator )

  • ". . . I'm clearing my bookshelves. From now on, The Metabolic Typing Diet is the only book I am recommending to my patients."
    JR ( medical doctor )

  • " . . . I have been reading the Metabolic Typing Diet with great interest and a sense of ah-hah!!! I feel as if a light bulb has turned on. I have a degree in nutrition and my disillusion with the "one diet fits all" began when I was studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics in college. Some of the diets we were being trained to design were ridiculous. I knew if I ate some of these diets I wouldn't feel well. I could not bring myself to become a dietitian and instead began a quest to find out all that I could beyond the "Food Guide Pyramid" approach. I am familiar with most popular diet plans and the nagging question for me has always been, how can this be right for everyone? The blood type diet began to answer the question, but your book really shows the big picture."
    CW ( nutritionist )

  • " . . . I'm almost finished with your book, The Metabolic Typing Diet. What a great service you have done for so many people! In my heart I knew how to eat to control my food intolerances, but it just didn't make sense based on what we're hit with in today's media. This book pulled it all together. Thanks again!."
    DS ( housewife )

  • " . . . I have already sent 3 patients and 1 doctor to buy your book. I would also be interested in the near future to become certified as an instructor. The more I ponder this metabolic typing the more excited I get. It answers so many questions and resolves so many problems I was having in practice."
    KT ( physician )

  • ". . . The authors have clearly expressed a unified theory of biological individuality and have synthesized a practical and, to my knowledge, uniquely comprehensive approach to applying this most fundamental principle to wellness. I know that their program is effective, it's logical, it's simple and it is too important to overlook. Anyone interested in fine-tuning their personal health program, or who is a professional in the field, will find this book informative, straight forward, and immensely valuable."
    RD ( medical lab owner )

  • ". . . This book has been invaluable in helping me to understand my individual dietary needs. By taking the test provided, I discovered, for example, that I NEED to eat meat at breakfast-- not just any protein, but meat, specifically-- and that I should avoid citrus. As a result, I feel MUCH better, and have been able to lose weight without a struggle."
    RD ( medical lab owner )

  • ". . . The Metabolic Typing Diet is truly the most important nutritional book one can read to begin finding true and lasting health. The metabolic typing diet, as put forth in the book, not only, I believe, saved my life, but has led to ever increasing health and energy. At 57 years of age, I am stronger and healthier than I was at 20, and feel better and better as I watch my friends and family succumb to the ravages and aches and pains of aging. No diet works for everyone, but the RIGHT diet for a particular individual does exist through metabolic typing. The Metabolic Typing Diet is truly the missing link on the nutritional information scene. Read it. It will change your life."
    BH ( music teacher )

  • ". . . This book will be helpful for people who want to understand nutrition and metabolism in a way they can use. Instead of just saying "do this," Wolcott lays out a coherent system for understanding how people burn their food quite differently, and why "one man's meat" is literally "another man's poison." In the big picture, it shifts our perspective from "one size fits all" nutrition to individual nutrition that really does fit."
    MS ( educator )

  • ". . . Reading "The Metabolic Typing Diet" feels like parasailing over the morass of confusion that plagues one at every step while wading through health magazines, diet books, supplement ads. The concept is totally refreshing. It's been totally obvious to anyone who has ever tried a diet that what works for others, alas, does not necessarily work for them. Wolcott seems to be the first to look around, believe what he and everyone else sees, and to dig deep right there. Brilliant breakthrough! I have to hand it to Wolcott and Fahey. They've done an excellent job presenting the material-not because the information is so complex, but because it's so comprehensive. Simple and clear sums it up."
    LF ( nutritionist )